According to Deadspin, this CBS Sports Radio Minute aired yesterday during breaks on WFAN in New York and perhaps other CBS Sports Radio stations.  Gottlieb is one of the cornerstones of the new CBS Sports Radio network that just launched and has his own television show on CBS Sports Network.  CBS is putting a lot of faith in Gottlieb, so I hope he can provide more substance over several hours than the question he asked in this particular minute.

Is Tony Gonzalez's first playoff win better than the first time A.C. Green had sex?


Who actually thinks of comparing these things???  Who actually believes there is a legitimate comparison to be made between winning one NFL Playoff game and a decision to wait until your married?

I know there's a lot of pressure in sports talk radio to be the most controversial, the funniest, the most creative, the most off the wall, the most _________, but this is just plain bizarre.  

Oh, and in case you're wondering.  Gottlieb thinks Gonzalez's first time must have been better because… who the #*$% knows why.


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