Another day, another fantastic Mike Francesa clip.  This one comes to us courtesy Jimmy Traina and his debut Big Buzz column at Fox Sports (although my heart was set on the Fox Clicks name).  Here Mike in Long Island has a simple request – can Mike Francesa, the sports pope of New York, name the head coach of the New York Rangers.  Instead of answering the question and moving on while claiming a victory over his many pranksters and haters, Francesa goes on a self-righteous rant about how "now is not the right time to talk hockey on a Football Friday."  It's hilarious to see YouTube commenters of all people poke holes in this theory because Mike was willing to talk about A-Rod and the Knicks on that Football Friday.  During a 5 hour show, it's hard to envision one call about hockey ruining everything.

Of course, perhaps Francesa was inadvertently proving the caller's point for him, because he never did name the Rangers head coach…

This video clip begs the question – does the recently named Most Important Person In Sports Talk Radio not know the head coach of the NHL team that plays right in his backyard?  What a silly question.  This is Mike Francesa we're talking about.  Of course he knows the answer is Mike Keenan.

[The Big Buzz]

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