In an interview to be published Monday on, Seth Davis interviews former Celtics and new Clippers head coach Doc Rivers.  In this excerpt, he asks Doc about his eventful NBA Draft night feud with Grantland czar, Celtics superfan, and Clippers season ticket holder Bill Simmons.  On draft night, Rivers called Simmons an idiot for his claims that Rivers quit on the Celtics.  That led to quite the back and forth throughout the evening and even into the next day in one of the more entertaining media feuds of the year.

Alas, it doesn't appear that feud will carry on into the coming season with Simmons derisingly chanting "RI-VERS, RI-VERS, RI-VERS" at Staples Center until he gets to coach the Clippers himself.  Rivers tells Davis that while his kids had fun with the feud, the two have talked and appeared to have buried the hatchet.

Well that's no fun.  Hmpf.

While Rivers is smiles and laughs about his draft night beef with Bill Simmons being settled it'll still be very interesting to see what happens this year if the Clippers struggle.  If that's the case and Simmons again criticizes the usually media-friendly head coach, we could see this feud flare up once more.  We'll know it's serious if Simmons calls Rivers "Glenn" again.

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