On yesterday's show, the ESPN College GameDay crew was discussing the makeup of the selection committee for the upcoming college football playoff.  Just who was going to serve in this group of elite minds and decide the fate of the national championship was always going to fall under heavy scrutiny. 

So who could have ever predicted that the inclusion of former Secretary of State Condi Rice would cause an ex-player to put his foot in his mouth and make an overarching statement that women shouldn't be involved because they couldn't know football?  Color me shocked!  I can't even imagine!

Just who was the lucky person to step into the beartrap?  David Pollack, come on down…

The weird thing about this segment is that Chris Fowler almost sets Pollack up to take this fall.  At first Pollack says he only wants football people in the group, which is a perspective I can understand.  But then Fowler entices him to take the jump and be all gender-specific about it.  Pollack does have to take final responsibility though because after thinking about it, he takes the leap and agrees that no women should be involved.  D'oh!

After Pollack's comments, women covering college football were quick to put the former Georgia Bulldog on blast.  Including his ESPN teammate Samantha Ponder…

And Fox's Erin Andrews, who unleashed her own thoughts on the air on Fox Sports 1…

For his part, at least Pollack offered a perfunctory, PR friendly apology.  Wait, he didn't?!?

Pollack predicted he would say something not so smart.  Mission accomplished.  It's one thing to argue the side of having only football people (whatever that is exactly) on the committee, it's another to then make the leap and say that women don't know football.  That's out of line, if not predictable.  While he's been crushed in the last 24 hours, perhaps his biggest critics are the women he works with in Bristol.

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