Brent Musburger didn't just create a new national celebrity in Alabama beauty queen Katherine Webb, he may have created a monster.  Webb had what could be considered her 15 minutes of fame in the wake of the national title game as she was all over national media, television, newspapers, blogs, and everywhere in between. But now it's also looking like the model may be around for the long haul.  First a cameo for Inside Edition, then an appearance in the SI swimsuit issue.  Now comes this bit of gossip from the New York Post.  

Webb may be headed to Dancing With The Stars…

"Webb was also overheard saying that she was offered a spot in the upcoming season of ABC’s “Dancing With the Stars” but did not say whether she would participate.

“She looked gorgeous and kept a low profile. The ladies offered to buy her drinks, but she declined as she doesn’t drink,” a spy told us. After her meal and posing for photos with the group, Webb headed up to her room at the Gansevoort Hotel by herself.

Webb, we’re told, posed for the SI swimsuit issue at Milk Studios in Chelsea on Friday. She is repped by LA Models and its New York sister company NY Models."

Let's get real.  Katherine Webb would be far from the least deserving "star" to appear on DWTS, but I'm sure there will be faux outrage from all corners decrying Webb as just a pretty face merely "discovered" by a 70 something year old broadcaster at a football game.  Whatever.  If this country can turn Paris Hilton and the Kardashians into celebrities, anything is possible.  As long as those Jersey Shore are still starring on various reality shows, Katherine Webb has a prosperous future ahead of her.

[New York Post]

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