Radio host Dan Sileo is not exactly known for being appropriate or subtle. He's gotten himself into a lot of trouble over past insensitive remarks, already losing one job for calling three African American players "monkeys." The current 560 WQAM Miami host unleashed a bizarre, offensive Twitter attack on Erin Andrews that included a remark about her stalker being the best thing that could happen to her career. It really shows what kind of a person he is (hint: not a good one).

It started with the following tweet:

First of all, Erin Andrews wouldn't be the one to report on Manti Te'o.  She's a studio host and sideline reporter.  So I am not sure what provoked this statement at all. And it wasn't just one person who failed on the Te'o front. Everyone was duped, from ESPN, to Sports Illustrated, to Notre Dame's athletic director. And yet this neanderthal pinpoints Erin Andrews? Andrews quickly responded:

Of course, Sileo could not let that go and goes on numerous offensive rants, first mentioning ESPN, who Andrews no longer works for, but then it gets worse with him telling her to bake him a cake, cook him dinner, and using her stalker against her amongst more misogynistic idiocy:

I'm sorry, what? Unfortunately, I don't need to ask if this is a joke or if he was kidding. First of all, try writing a complete, coherent sentence. Second of all, Andrews had a great career before the peep hole incident and has fought hard to increase awareness on stalking and to help others who have gone through the same thing. For Sileo to bring that up in any context, let alone bringing it up to insult her, is beyond horrifying. It makes you wonder how sports talk radio could produce people like this that continue to make a living by spewing garbage.

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