Photo credit: Todd Rosenberg

Up until two weeks ago, my baseball rooting interest (Oakland A's) had never visited Miller Park meaning I had yet to witness a Sausage race in a natural non Randall Simon incident type experience. In my opinion, it was glorious, and the guy on the slide with the flag wasn't too shabby either.

Below is footage of a much more noteworthy sausage race between Dan Patrick and The Danettes. To my surprise, I can't seem to find full results of the race on ESPN's bottom line nor their website but what we can piece together from Twitter shows a finish of:

1- McLovin winning as the hot dog who has been marred with a terrible year in 2013.

2- Seton running as chorizo seems to nip bratwurst for second in a photo finish.

3- Dan Patrick giving a Mitch Buchannon like performance in third place as the bratwurst. Very close to getting second.

4- Not too far behind is Paulie as the Polish Sausage. 

5- Finishing well behind the pack is Fritzy as the Italian Sausage.

We're looking forward to hearing about the experience on Monday. If you're curious to learn more about the Sausage Race, be sure to check out the incredibly well built out Wikipedia page.

For more, check out the behind the scenes footage.

h/t: our own Josh Gold Smith for the video.

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