Ohio State beat Northwestern Saturday night in the Big Ten battle of unbeatens.  Forget the BCS and national championship talk for a second though, the major storyline coming out of the game was one of the craziest covers Vegas has ever seen.  Thanks to this failed lateralpalooza being fumbled into the endzone and recovered by the Buckeyes, up to $100 million dollars changed hands.

Given Brent Musburger's penchant for veiled gambling references, you know a certain percentage of those millions belonged to him.  Judging by the tone of this call, I'm willing to bet Brent was on the bad beat side of this play.  Maybe that's why he skipped the formalities of a 10 point Ohio State victory and moved straight to the gambling angle.  Even Kirk Herbstriet couldn't believe what he saw.  Now that's a transcendent moment in sports betting history.

Never change, Brent.  Never change.