Last week it was revealed Colin Cowherd would host one episode of College Football Live each week with Kirk Herbstreit throughout the fall.  Now comes a report via The Big Lead that Cowherd will get a solo show on Sunday mornings at 9 AM on ESPN2.  It'll focus on what else – football.  (What you were expecting a show about NASCAR?)

But instead of just focusing on the NFL, which is pretty much all of Sunday morning sports television in the fall, Cowherd's show will reportedly cover both recaps of Saturday's college action and previews of Sunday's NFL action.  That's actually a decent idea as college football gets lost in the overwhelming glare of the NFL from Sunday-Tuesday every week and there's certainly a market for it.

However, it's no secret that Cowherd isn't exactly a favorite of AA with his innacurate stereotyping and history of bloviating.  Cowherd's most tolerable and, gulp, likable role was as SportsNation co-host with Michelle Beadle when he had someone to play off him.  The question is which direction this new football show goes?  If it's another hour of trying to compare Johnny Manziel's STAR POWER or MVPness to Tom Brady then it'll be equally useless to the majority of ESPN's other vapid studio programming.  If Cowherd is teamed with someone who can keep his riffs in check and it offers something smart and different, it could find a niche on Sunday mornings.

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