Over on YouTube this week, they're running a promotion called Geek Week. For Geek Week, the Nerdist channel has uploaded a handful of videos involving CM Punk in a series called "Grammar Slam" and they are hilarious. Ohhhhh, are they hilarious. In the below edition, Punk explains the difference between "literally" and "figuratively," something that many sportscasters have issues with. We don't delve into the world of pro wrestling very much, but when we saw these videos, we had to…

In his breakdown, Punk tackles a common metaphor used by fans and commentators alike – "literally on fire." He also breaks out possibly the greatest rant in response to that metaphor possible: "if he's literally on fire, we need to go put him out. We need to go throw him in a pool. We need to go…I dunno, spit on him. Because if he's literally on fire, he's going to perish!"

Punk also tackles the difference between than and then, your and you're, through and threw, and the trio of there, their, and they're.

If only Punk touched on by far my biggest grammar pet peeve: dominate and dominant then it'd be the complete set.

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