For reasons of which I am unaware, Titans RB Chris Johnson and Bears return specialist Devin Hester raced a cheetah. The race was filmed for "Nat Geo Wild" which is attempting to one-up Shark Week on the Discovery Channel. Cheetahs can apparently go from 0 to 60 in three seconds, so we know who is probably going to win this race.

While Johnson and Hester can outrun defensive backs, we doubt they will be as successful with a cheetah. If we wanted to watch football players participating in a guaranteed loss, we'd re-watch There's Something About Mary to see Brett Favre attempt to act. Woof.

Hopefully this circus will be as entertaining as Fox's Man vs Beast, which featured maybe the greatest Key to Victory in the history of television. In a man vs zebra 100 meter sprint, Carl Lewis said that in order to succeed the zebra "must realize it's in a race." Hopefully that's true for the cheetah racing these NFL stars as well.


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