When I think of inspiring or interesting individuals to give a high school graduation commencement address, I think of people like community service volunteers, local politicians, intellectuals from various fields of study, or if you grew up in a small town like I did – nobody.  I don't often think of grunting sportscasters.  Nevertheless, that's what happened in Greenwich, Connecticut as they invited ESPN's Chris Berman to the festivities to give the high school graduates some advice on the real world… or at least whatever world he currently inhabits.

As you'd expect, reports were that Berman's speech got a little rambly.  A brief video has emerged of Berman's speech thanks to the folks at Guyism, and it's even more surreal to see him attempt to work one of his patented catchphrases into inspiring young folks instead of describing an interception return…

Could you imagine that happening for 30 minutes or more?

The internet can be tough on Chris Berman, but I'm willing to give him a break in this regard.  It's not exactly an easy spot to be put in for someone who's more used to coming up with nicknames for athletes than giving an encouraging message to young adults.  Let's just be thankful there's no evidence as of yet that Chris Berman instructed them on what they should do if they ever visit Canada.

Video via Guyism