Well, the Twitter career of former Atlanta Braves third baseman Chipper Jones appears to be over. Wednesday morning, Jones tweeted to his over 300,000 followers that he was giving up the Twitter game a year after he started thanks to a prevalence of trolls. Trolls on the Internet? How shocking! Anyway, in his year on the social media service, Jones ruffled plenty of feathers. Here's a look back at a few of his more notable tweets.

Remember the time he blocked his agent after tweeting from his account?

Remember the time he blocked his girlfriend, presumably after breaking one of Darren Rovell's rules of Twitter?

Remember the time Jones went after Mitch Williams for daring to have an opinion against his Hall of Fame case?

Remember the time Jones publicly stated that he had no issues responding to trolls by acting like a 12 year old?

Remember the time he went after umpire Angel Hernandez, knowing that MLB can't fine him since he's retired?

Remember when he trolled hockey fans?

Remember his "joke" about illegal immigrants?

…and that's just from the last two months. On second thought, maybe his time on Twitter wasn't nearly as awful as others… like say, Marcus Vick.

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