NBA on TNT analyst Charles Barkley is never one to be shy when it comes to stating his opinion.  But when it came to his playoff picks for the upcoming NBA season on Inside the NBA, he was rather reserved.  In fact, he didn't make any picks at all.  While cohorts Shaquille O'Neal and Kenny Smith made their playoff picks, Chuck pleaded the fifth in amazing fashion.

Charles Barkley is not an expert.  And he's not a role model either…


That's just terrific.  Why bother making picks and being the NBA version of Colin Cowherd?

But there's one other thing about these Inside the NBA picks worth spotlighting.  Shaquille O'Neal has the Sacramento Kings, who went 28-54 last year, making the playoffs as a 7 seed.  That's interesting, considering he's now a part owner of the team.

H/T SportsGrid

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