The Vancouver Canucks' goaltending situation looks spectacularly awkward from the outside, as Cory Schneider took over the top job late in last year's playoffs and was presumed to be the starter this year, leading to endless trade rumours about Roberto Luongo. This year, though, both have played so well that head coach Alain Vigneault has joked about making his decisions on who to start in a particular game by flipping a coin. Of course, that has many wondering about how Luongo and Schneider are handling the situation, and they teamed up with TSN's James Duthie to provide the hilarious answer:

There's some pretty great stuff in there, from the "Thing 1 and Thing 2" shirts to each goalie's attempt at slam poetry (an area TSN has explored with Luongo before) to the tremendous outtakes at the end. What's particularly impressive, though, is that Luongo and Schneider are willing to poke fun at their situation. It's tough to imagine, say, Mark Sanchez and Tim Tebow doing the same thing. Luongo in particular has shown off his sense of humour before, though, especially on the Twitter account he's almost-admitting to these days, and Schneider clearly has comedic chops as well. Good for TSN for taking a different tack here, too; the hockey media has run approximately seven million serious takes on the Canucks' goaltending situation this year, so this is a refreshing change. It's a hilarious video, and a terrific variation on the usual sports coverage.

[Puck Daddy]

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