College football's bowl season can turn into a drag at points, laden with mediocre teams playing each other in games sponsored by some of the most random companies you've ever seen.

On Saturday night, Michigan took on Kansas State in the Buffalo Wild Wings Bowl in Temple. The Wildcats won a forgettable game, 31-14. The bowl game began at 10:15 PM, just after the beginning of UFC 168. Some Buffalo Wild Wings restaurants didn't exactly go all-out with the corporate pride, choosing to devote most of their energy to the UFC show as opposed to the bowl game their company was sponsoring.

At the end of the night, that proved to be the right decision after a main card that saw all five fights end with a finish. But man, what's it say about bowl fatigue when a bowl's sponsor doesn't even want to dedicate full resources to airing the game? And this wasn't exactly an isolated incident, either..

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