Last year, a parody YouTube video of bad British commentary for an NBA All Star video game went viral in the American sports blogosphere.  Thankfully, British comedian Anthony Richardson is back with another crack at an American sport and this time it's baseball rounders.  And to be quite honest, mock British commentary as if it's a cricket match gone horribly wrong is the only way to watch Yankees-Red Sox these days.  Some of the highlights:

"Mork and Mindy that's going for 6!  No!  Caught by the chap in the pajamas with the glove that makes everything easier."

"Crikey-o-blimey, it's Joseph Gordon Levitt!"

"And there's a plastic bag on the pitch, wow!"

One thing's for sure, I'm never going to be able to watch another Yankees game without thinking of Ichiro as Joseph Gordon Levitt.  Also, David Ortiz is no Chris Gayle, that's for sure.

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