The above pic of Justin Bieber attending Monday night's Pacers-Heat Game 7 in a leather shirt, gold chains, indoor shades, and Miami Heat hat quickly went viral.  And is that lip gloss?  Hey, at least give the kid credit for appearing to escape the clutches of Keyshawn Johnson for a night.  The Biebs (with his bodyguard standing behind him, presumably blocking the view of actual fans in attendance) represents all the negative stereotypes about the Heat and their fans.  Namely, Heat fans are all frontrunners.  And the Biebs may be the biggest of all.  This single pic will actually drive more fans to the Spurs for the NBA Finals than Tim Duncan helping elderly ladies across the street, doing his taxes, or whatever it is he actually does.

Why, it was in ALL THE WAY BACK IN NOVEMBER Justin Bieber claimed in an interview with ESPN's Playbook that he's been a lifelong Lakers fan.  When asked who his favorite team and player was, Bieber pledged his allegiance to the Lakers and said this:

"I love the Lakers, so I have to go with Kobe [Bryant]. He has unbelievable natural talent and he works harder than just about anyone in the league."

And here we thought LeBron James was the worst in shameless Heat frontrunners!  Somewhat normal looking teenage Justin, we hardly knew ye…

(Pic via Jimmy Traina)

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