It was rumored earlier this summer that Bobby Valentine would be a part of TBS's MLB Postseason coverage. But when the roster of talent was announced this week, Valentine's name was absent from the list, despite indications that he was going to join the team.. What happened to exclude Valentine from the coverage?

Well, according to a report from Newsday, it was his controversial comments about 9/11 that resulted in Valentine being absolutely skewered by TBS's Postseason studio host, Keith Olbermann.

TBS released a very brief statement about their studio team, which didn't tell us much of anything about the circumstances.

“Bobby was one of a number of candidates being considered for the role, but we elected to go with the team of Keith, Pedro and Tom and we’re very excited about that combination in-studio for us.’’

No one should really be surprised that Valentine was passed over, especially after Olbermann raked him over the coals on his ESPN2 show. Making the comments he made is one thing, but having the new face of your postseason coverage take him to task for those comments would have created a very awkward situation for Turner, one that probably would have ended poorly for everyone involved. It's more than a little telling that TBS went with a broadcasting neophyte in Pedro Martinez instead of adding Valentine to the crew, though.


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