The city of Chicago is celebrating the end of the 2012-13 NHL season today with a parade for the Stanley Cup champion Blackhawks. The city of Boston weeps due to the loss of their Bruins in the Final to the Blackhawks in heartbreaking fashion, but Blackhawks owner Rocky Wirtz and president John McDonough reached out to the city with an olive branch after the Chicago Tribune ruffled feathers at the start of the Final two weeks ago.

In Friday's Boston Globe, the Blackhawks took out an ad to thank the city of Boston and the Bruins for the hospitality they offered to the Blackhawks during the series. The letter touches on the warm welcome that Boston and the Bruins organization gave to the Blackhawks players, staff, and fans who were in town for the three Stanley Cup Final games played in Boston, as well as mentioning the strength of Boston following the tragic Boston Marathon bombing from April.

It's not often that you see a series between two incredibly skilled teams that resulted in no bad blood on the ice, and no incidents off the ice. Remember two years ago, when Vancouver rioted after the Canucks lost in the Final to the Bruins in a series marred with dirty hits and cheap shots? This series was the opposite, and it restores some of my faith in humanity to see Wirtz and McDonough take out this ad to thank the city and organization for being gracious, even in defeat.

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