Last night the brilliance of Bill Walton was once again on full display.  After making some jokes at the expense of the Bill Simmons suspension and Ray Lewis Thursday night, Walton turned his eyes to First Take.  Walton's deadpan delivery makes you really wonder if he's just trolling First Take by saying "those guys bring it!" or if he's a legitimate fan of the show since finding out about it just the other day.

With Walton, you never know.  You just sit back and appreciate the long, strange trip it is with him on commentary…

Walton: "I've been spending all my time on First Take since I heard about it.  What a show!  I used to be a SportsCenter guy till I found First Take.  Those guys, they bring it."

Pasch: "I would pay to see you, Bayless, and Stephen A. Smith together in a cage with it locked, the three of you debating each other for two hours.  That would be must see TV."

Walton: "On the merits of what subject?"

Pasch: "Just let me be the mediator, that's all I ask.  It's getting away from us here."

Walton: "You better start now."

Pasch: "You've converted me."

Again Pasch plays his role as the straight man well.  We asked, and yes, he does like working with Bill Walton…

Walton and Pasch have one more telecast this year with the Pac 12 title game tonight so I'd suggest you set your DVRs for Bill Walton's final act of the season.  Who knows what's going to happen.

Actually, if I were in charge of ESPN, I would replace Bayless and Smith with 2 hours of Bill Walton debating himself starting Monday.  It would be exponentially more informative and entertaining.

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