During last night's Notre Dame vs. Pitt men's basketball game, Bill Raftery became responsible for the most awkward 20 seconds on a telecast this year . Jay Bilas was commenting on Notre Dame's hot-shooting second half, specifically from Jerian Grant, who at the time was shooting 50% from the field.

Raftery says, "You ride the hot player." And then…

Yes, that's right, he asks Bilas if he's ever been ridden. 

If ever there was a more awkward silence, I would challenge you to find it.  

For what it's worth, Bilas responded, "not as a hot player."

And poor Sean McDonough, who had to be the third wheel in all of this, guides us back into somewhat more appropriate territory.

Raftery, Bilas, and McDonough are one of the most entertaining broadcast teams around, but now I wonder about the possibilities of pairing Bill Raftery with Brent Musburger…

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