The terrible weather conditions on Sunday in Chicago might have been the story of the day in the NFL. The Bears-Ravens game was delayed for nearly two hours thanks to the thunderstorms, and outside of Chicago, tornadoes touched down. 18,000 were without power on Monday morning 100 homes and buildings were damaged, at least six were killed, and 54 were hurt.

But you know what? None of that matters. WE WANT TO WATCH THE BEARS GAME, DAMMIT!

Sports director Aaron Bennett of WCIA in Champaign tweeted out the following, apparently due to numerous fans tweeting him to complain about weather coverage interrupting the soon to be delayed Bears-Ravens game.

Of course, it didn't just end there.

I think this tweet from Bennett's coworker Drew Wilder summed things up pretty well.

The ironic thing: the game ended up getting delayed about 15 minutes after Bennett's tweet. It's not as if fans were missing any thrilling game action while the weather reports were airing. And, once the storms passed, the rest of the game was aired in its entirety. It's not like anyone missed the Bears victory after the weather delay.

If you want to know the very definition of an entitled sports fan, look no further. Deadly storms? TO HELL WITH THAT, I'VE GOTTA WATCH THE BEARS!

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