How do you like your royal baby coverage? Breathless? Wall to wall? Dramatically over the top? Or so far beyond reality that it makes you question your own existence? If you're anything like the BBC's Simon McCoy, you probably answered D. Here he is filing a report from outside the hospital where another heir to the British throne will be born so they can be made into a celebrity by the adoring press and public.

This is one of those great moments where McCoy breaks the fourth wall. He has nothing to report and he knows that we know he has nothing to report.  He's just going to stand outside on that street helplessly overcome by the celebration of the Royal Baby's entrance into the world and the news that will finally break far away from his location.  Or he's utterly miserable, one of the two.

UPDATE: And here's more from the most melancholy reporter in all of Britain sharing texts from listeners talking about the "sycophantic rubbish" of the Royal Baby coverage.

H/T Brian Stelter