Southern Illinois head basketball coach Barry Hinson was not pleased with his team's effort in a 73-65 loss to Murray State to fall to 2-8 on the season.  Afterwards, he took part in one of the most memorable, entertaining, bizarre press conferences of the year.  This one checks all the boxes.  It's a dash of Jim Mora's indignation with his own players, Dennis Green's righteous anger, Bob Knight's brutal honesty, and Les Miles' weird folksy charm.  And there's some intimate details about his relationship with his wife included just for fun.  

Here's the audio via OVC Ball.  The real fun starts about 3 minutes in…

The highlights:

"I've been telling my wife this for years, size doesn't matter."

"Marcus was absolutely awful, that's about as PG rated as I can say it.  He was awful.  Our guards are awful. Our three starting guards had 1 assist and 7 turnovers.  They must think it's a tax credit."

"My wife, MY WIFE, can score more than 2 buckets on 11 shots because I know my wife will AT LEAST shot fake one time."

"When you've got a young team it's a lot like house training a puppy dog.  When the dog does something wrong [smack] bad dog!  I'm not gonna hit 'em, I'm not gonna swat 'em, but bad dog."

"There was a sniper in the gym.  Did you see that?  We had guys falling down…  I would have thought Navy Seal Team 6 was out there."

Forget how Hinson's players will react to this press conference, I'm just anxious to hear his wife's take.

UPDATE: And here's a video version from WPSD:

[Thanks to OVC Ball for the audio]