Thanks to 106.1 The Ticket in New Orleans, we now have full audio of the embarrassing and shameful attempt at a joke that was aired on Atlanta sports radio station 790 The Zone this morning. The segment mocked Steve Gleason, who was a safety for the Saints but now suffers from ALS. 

Gleason can no longer eat, speak or walk on his own, and that was apparently enough for the guys at "Mayhem in the AM" to run with. Who in their right mind would find this funny, let alone appropriate? Those involved have been suspended, and that might only be the tip of the iceberg now that we have the despicable audio. 

UPDATE: All three hosts have been fired, per The Zone.

The transcript of the fake knock-knock jokes "Gleason" told during the interview:

Gleason: Knock, knock.

Host: Steve, we do knock-knocks on Thursdays. We don't do it on Mondays. 

Gleason: I may not be here on Thursday.


Gleason: Knock, knock.

Host: Who's here?

Gleason: I

Host: I who?

Gleason: I blame Gregg Williams.


Gleason: Knock, knock.

Host: Who's there?

Gleason: Smother.

Host: Smother who?

Gleason: Smother me. Do me a favor.


Gleason: Knock, knock.

Host: Who's there, Steve?

Gleason: I'm

Host: I'm who?

Gleason: I'm going to hell

Host: Yes you are.

[The Ticket]

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