Arizona media people are really, really angry about the Dodgers celebrating in the Diamondbacks' pool after clinching the NL West on Friday. In fact, they're so angry that some of them are making cracks about Yasiel Puig's defection from Cuba! Case in point: Bob Young of

Young then busted out the "sorry to those that were offended" line, the standard "apology that isn't an apology". Because you know, making a joke about not only fleeing Cuba, but also getting the cartel involved is absolutely hilarious and not objectionable at all.

The whole pool thing has been a textbook case of media entitlement. How dare the Dodgers have fun and be happy about winning the division! They're so classless for going out onto the field 20 minutes after the game ended and using the ridiculous novelty in the outfield!

Willie Bloomquist, one of the players who was most offended about the Dodgers using the pool, was also angry six months ago when the Dominican Republic team in the World Baseball Classic raucously celebrated after beating the American team in Miami. You know Willie… maybe it's not everyone else, it's you.

I'm just wondering if everyone at the Diamondbacks is so upset just because the Dodgers didn't pay the $3500-$4500 for the pool suite on Thursday. When you have dumb stuff in your ballpark, it should be fully expected that if you allow a team to clinch on your field, your novelties will be abused because they are stupid. When a team eventually clinches in Miami (who knows, maybe the Tigers on the last week of the season), you'd better believe they're running out to the Clevelander and taking part in some nightclub shenanigans.

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