I don't even know where to start with this one, but I'll try.

On Monday, the Alabama Press-Register's previewed an event called Football 101 – which NOW appears to be party tips, but ORIGINALLY was… well, something else. Luckily, BuzzFeed posted the original opening paragraph, which has since, wisely, taken down:

"Football can be a confusing and often vexing concept, especially for women. To the uninitiated it appears to be a swirling mass off big-bodied young men flying about a field, trying to wrestle an odd-shaped ball from a bunch of other muscle-bound men. It is four-hours of yelling and screaming running about in frenzy of color and pageantry.
Well, there is one thing that women understand about the game of football and all the hoopla that goes with it and that is the actual game is a good excuse for a party. And every party, regardless of the setting, needs a good menu to keep the party going."

Allow me to channel Chandler Bing here: could they BE any more condescending?

As you can imagine, the response was not good. The author tried to backpedal after many, many comments calling him a misogynist, among other things, forced the edit. His apology:

The “Girls of Fall” event is not geared toward those women who are experts in football, but those who are not but want to learn more. We apologize for offending readers. The story has been edited in response to the feedback we’ve received.

The problem here is that he managed to insult both groups regardless by lumping us into the same category of "we're too dumb to understand football but we can throw a great party!!!" 

While the original opening paragraph may be gone, there's still more info about the event, which does the paper no favors:

"The event will be 6-8:30 p.m. Thursday, Aug. 22, at the Arthur R. Outlaw Convention Center in downtown Mobile. Blohme’s segment is only one part of the forum, which is designed for women to learn more about the game. There will also be segments on the X’s and O’s of the game and the latest in gameday fashion for the upcoming season."

The latest in gameday fashion? I hope they don't try to push those hideous rhinestone studded pink jerseys. 

Also, we should mention, there is nothing wrong with anyone, regardless of gender, who doesn't understand or want to understand football. It's not for everyone, and that's okay. But the original paragraph made the presumption that only women can't understand the sport, which is ludicrous.

Roll Damn Sexism.


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