As we await the beginning of training camp and preseason, it's a downtime for many folks covering the NFL.  As slow as July is for news, it's an optimal time for reporters to go on some kind of vacation.  Take the kids to the beach.  Go on a mountain retreat.  Relax, unwind, and unplug for a little while before the new season begins.

Some people take vacations.  

Others just move to different sports to report news.

Like Adam Schefter.

Somehow, the NFL's top insider is now the go-to news source for the fate of free agent NBA center Dwight Howard, saying he hopes to make his decision by Friday and right now it's "totally up in the air."

Does this man ever sleep?  It won't be a surprise to see Schefter break news at the MLB Trade Deadline while he's at it.  

Seriously though, it's fun to speculate on what exactly is happening here and how Adam Schefter is suddenly connected in NBA circles.  Did Schefty's source get his phone number mixed up with Chris Broussard?  Is this the beginning of some kind of coup to make all other reporters at ESPN obsolete?  Is he just bored?  Did ESPN just get tired of seeing Adrian Wojnarowski break every NBA story and send in the big guns?  

If so Schefty needs to step it up – where was he on Brad Stevens to the Celtics?

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