With Thanksgiving week upon us, we're joined by one person who has the privilege of not working just one of the big games in store this weekend, but two of them. CBS's intrepid sideline reporter Tracy Wolfson works the Iron Bowl on Saturday between #1 Alabama and #4 Auburn but before that will also call the Thanksgiving Day game between the Raiders and Cowboys. In this podcast, Tracy chats with AA about the busy week and other topics including…

-The differences in sideline reporting in the NFL vs college football.
-Reflecting on the Kevin Ware injury and the news value of sideline reporters in various events this year.
-The recent discussion on women in sports media and how progress has been made and what else needs to be done.
-The Iron Bowl as one of the best rivalries in college football.
-Her professional relationship with Nick Saban and how his reputation may betray his true personality.
-Which Iron Bowl subplot is most compelling and does Auburn really have a chance to compete with the Tide?
-Missouri flying under the radar in the SEC and nationally.
-What events are on her bucket list.

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For more from Tracy, follow her on Twitter @TracyWolfson.

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