This week's AA Podcast features a conversation with the top NFL reporter in America, ESPN's Adam Schefter. His reporting has been at the center of the unfolding bullying controversy in Miami involving Richie Incognito and jonathan Martin. Since joining ESPN in August 2009, Schefter has quickly become one of the top reporters in all of sports. In this interview, we not only chat with Schefter about his reporting about the Dolphins, but how NFL reporting has evolved and the amount of interest in the league's news cycle. Topics include…

-The timeline of his reporting and how it came together for him and Chris Mortensen, including his knowledge of the explosive voicemail. And, why this may just be the beginning of the story.
-The current power of reporting in the NFL and how this story has moved so quickly.
-How NFL reporting is like trying to stop the waves in the ocean.
-Juggling several stories at once including what's happening in Miami, Aaron Rodgers' injury, and health scares with head coaches.
-Why the hazing and bullying aspect of the Dolphins story resonates with the greater public.
-Whether or not there is a ceiling for the thirst of NFL news.
-What advice Adam has for younger journalists looking to pursue a career in sports reporting.
-The social media policies at ESPN evolving as Twitter has grown in importance and how he uses Twitter statistics to help his reporting.
-Why he is very careful with his words and how he frames reports and the highwire act between being first and being correct.

And we should say thanks to Adam for waiting to field a couple calls on even more breaking news while taping the podcast.

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For more from Adam, follow him on Twitter @AdamSchefter.

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