In today's podcast we welcome back CBS Sports college football insider for his annual visit to talk about the world of college football. Bruce published a fascinating all access piece inside Texas A&M football this week that's the focus of our early conversation before turning to the major college football media story of the past month, the Sports Illustrated investigation into Oklahoma State. It's a very interesting conversation about the current state of reporting into college athletics, the media, and the state of the NCAA. Other topics include…

-How he got Texas A&M to agree to an all access piece.
-His approach to behind the scenes journalism and reporting the story.
-The A&M/Bama game itself and the major takeaway from it.
-How A&M responds to the loss and their national title hopes still being in tact.
-The SI-Oklahoma State story and the reaction to it.
-Is investigative reporting into players receiving benefits and college programs even worth it?
-Bo Pelini's responsibility in the audio of him bashing Nebraska fans reaching the public.
-The slate of uninspiring games this weekend and why there's so many glorified exhibitions.
-A QB controversy looming at Ohio State?
-Who's the most interesting team to watch over the next month of the season.

If you're interested in college football or journalism this is a must listen.


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