The beginning of the EPL season is just a few short days away. It's a new beginning for American soccer fans as NBC has the rights to every EPL game after coverage from Fox Soccer and ESPN. Before the launch of the 2013-14 campaign, we're joined by new NBC Premier League host Rebecca Lowe. Rebecca moved not just from ESPN UK to NBC, but also transplanted across the Atlantic to anchor NBC's coverage stateside. In this week's podcast we chat with Rebecca about:

-The one thing she's missed most about the UK lifestyle.
-Adjusting her style from a UK to an American audience.
-How revolutionary NBC's coverage will be making every game available.
-Her busy schedule with the tonnage of NBC programming for the EPL.
-The balance between serving hardcore fans and marketing the league to new fans.
-The transfer sagas of Suarez, Bale, and Rooney.
-How the league is different without Alex Ferguson.
-Which team might a new fan want to attach themselves to.

All that and much more with Rebecca Lowe on this week's podcast.

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