With the reports of the unthinkable happening and Keith Olbermann maybe heading back to ESPN2, it got me thinking about the launch of the network and Olbermann's prominent role.  20 years ago when it launched, ESPN2 was going to be ESPN's hipper younger brother and not a Bristol clone.  This video represents a sneak peek from the day ESPN2 launched and Keith Olbermann famously proclaimed "welcome to the end of my career."  It would just be the way the universe works that Olbermann's career would potentially be resurrected there after several memorable exits from various networks.

But there's so much to this brief video of ESPN2's launch.  I mean my God, look at that mustache and shirt combo for Olby.  It's amazing.  I'm just swimming in early 90's nostalgia.  Then there's the random fade to black and white.  A very young Suzy Kolber.  The promise of actually being something different than ESPN.  The INTENSE ZOOMS ON THE ANCHORS AS THEY TALK.  And hey, the introduction of Stuart Scott pre-booyah!  And whatever the heck happened to Bill Pidto anyways?

Please God, if Olbermann does come back to ESPN2, at least let him find his leather jacket.

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