After A.J. Clemente dropped the f-bomb heard round the viral world, he then made his rounds on pretty much every talk show you can name off the top of your head. 

One of those shows was David Letterman's, in which Clemente expresses an interest in working for ESPN. Dave, ever the realist, tells him, "that aint gonna happen."


Mistakes happen, mistakes on live television happen, and everyone always moves on. At the very least, Clemente should find another job SOMEWHERE, because as Letterman points out, people who have been in the business far longer than Clemente have done the same thing and come out unscathed.

Dave obviously forgot about Lee Corso dropping an f-bomb on College Gameday and a thousand other people who have swore on ESPN airwaves and only had to issue a forced apology. (Scott Van PeltRon JaworskiNeil Everett, etc. etc.) Surely ESPN could consider hiring Clemente, who has humbly admitted to his mistake and apologized more than once. In fact, he may be a perfect fit there.

H/T Sportsgrid

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