I am starting to think beat writers need an offseason, too. Whether it's a meaningless rant about tattoos, or now, writng about losing more to win more, when the sport they cover is in its offseason, sometimes we find ourselves reading articles with topics that have the consistency of squeaky foam.

Enter Mike Klis, a writer for the Denver Post, who, no joke, believes the Broncos need to lose more games than they lost last year during their 13-3 effort last season in order to win the Super Bowl.


Klis writes:

The Broncos can't finish the regular season with an 11-game winning streak, a 13-3 record and No. 1 playoff seed, as they did last year. That is not the way to Super Bowl XLVIII at the Meadowlands.
I don't know why it doesn't work that way. But overwhelming evidence says that ever since the New England Patriots stopped winning Super Bowls eight years ago, regular-season champs usually become postseason chumps.

Klis goes on to break down the stats of the last eight SB champs to back this up, and he uses the fail proof formula of taking the closest prime number to the team's number of losses, dividing it by six, adding the passing yards of the QB from the 1957 team and taking the square root of what the hell to get to that magic number of 11. 

Lose more to win more makes as much sense as good old Hawk Harrelson's TWTW. 

[Denver Post via TBL]

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