Announcers often have a collection of familiar phrases and descriptions in their back pocket for exciting moments. I'll go out on a limb and say  a World Series walk off obstruction call is one scenario announcers just don't expect to see. Below is 5 different versions of what is one of the memorable endings to a playoff game any of us can recall.

In case you haven't seen it, below is Fox's version with video included. A pretty damn good call with Buck who stays with the play from start to finish.


Not to be outdone, Dan Shulman had a pretty stellar call of the action for ESPN Radio

Here is the local St. Louis radio call. Meh, little confused but that's to be expected.

The local Boston call was also a bit confused and again, hard to fault anyone with all that was going on. Expected more bitter homerism in the call to be honest.

Don't speak English? This is an odd website to visit if so but hey, Google Translate does a pretty bang-up job I'm told (not true at all). Below is your Spanish call. It's clearly the best. 

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