The playoffs aren't just a time for the teams to shine, what about the announcers!  That's what we're here to talk about at least.  With the Stanley Cup Playoffs now moving towards its latter stages, we take a look at 5 personalities we'd like to see featured more prominently on NBC's NHL coverage throughout the postseason and beyond…

1) Pat Foley

National hockey fans aren't going to hear Foley unless NBC Sports Network syndicates the CSN Chicago feed and it's a shame. His partnership with Ed Olczyk is one of the most dynamic broadcasts. Chicago has been filled with iconic play by play men over the years and Foley is no exception. Perhaps NBC could assign the partnership to national playoff games not involving the Blackhawks next year as a way to get them more time.

2) Rick Peckham

Another local play by play man, the voice of the Lightning was a revelation for me this postseason. Let's face it, I don't tune in to many Lightning telecasts. Peckham is a veteran from the days of the Hartford Whalers, but still delivers an energetic call like the great nationally known hockey announcers. Even though he didn't have a team in the fight in this postseason, Peckham has a way of calling a game that emotionally invests viewers in what happens on the ice with the rises and changes in momentum throughout a hockey game.

3) Daryl Reaugh

"Razor" (pictured above) may be one of the most quotable analysts in any sport. The former NHL goaltender serves as the analyst for the Dallas Stars throughout the season and has dabbled in national work on both sides of the border. Add to that his humorous Twitter account and NBC could have a colorful personality in the broadcast booth or the studio that could help their telecasts throughout the postseason.

4) Russ Thaler
5) Anson Carter

To be honest, I had no idea Carter analyzed hockey for NBC until I stumbled upon he and Russ Thaler at the desk during intermission on one of the CNBC games. I was impressed with the work by both men. It was a welcome relief from the often combative and argumentative nature of Mike Milbury and Jeremy Roenick. Carter was insightful and wasn't afraid to speak his mind, which is a positive sign in a relative newcomer to the national scene on television.  It was like a throwback to a different era to see a broadcast not just get by, but thrive, with merely one anchor and one analyst.  NBC also has two very solid studio hosts in Liam McHugh and Russ Thaler and the network can't go wrong with either of them.

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