This is sensational.  There may be no other announcer more impersonated than Dick Vitale.  So to commemorate Dick Vitale's 35th year at ESPN, Bristol put together a video montage of 35 ESPN personalities paying tribute to Vitale.  Many of them offered their best impression of Dickie V's unique way of speaking verrrry enthusiastically.  From Vitale's college basketball co-workers to Jon Gruden and Mike Tirico to Tony Kornheiser and Sage Steele, just about anyone who's anyone at ESPN is here in this video to talk about the one and only Dick Vitale.  Yes, this video is awesome baby with a capital "A", it's super scintillating sensational…

Best Impressions: Sean Farnham, Jay Bilas, Rece Davis, Bruce Pearl

Worst Impressions: Chris Fowler, Mike Ditka, Jon Gruden

Also, Dan Dakich is going to get in trouble for swearing during his tribute.

Congratulations to Dick Vitale on his 35th year.  We have to thank him personally for his impact on this site, providing eye candy for scores of visitors on our Mount Rushmore.

[ESPN Front Row]

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