Sweden won the World Junior Hockey Championship gold medal on Thursday night by defeating the junior Russians 1-0 in overtime. The game-winner was netted by Mika Zibanejad at the 10:09 mark of overtime and it resulted in pure announcer exultation.

You have to watch/listen for yourself:

I don’t understand a word, but it sounds like they’re having a good time. Yahoo! took a stab, but it doesn’t include anything about Jonas Jerebko or tro pa mirakel. When you consider that this was the first gold medal for Sweden at the WJHC in over 30 years, you have to understand and appreciate the junior Swedish Al Michaels reaction (on crazy ecstasy, or extas). It’s a love-mix of sweet Swede emotion featuring AbbaEagle Eye CherryThe Cardigans, and Europe; the Swedish junior hockey players are all the rock and the announcers are screaming Swedish teenage groupies.

Yahoo! — Video: Swedish announcers get somewhat excited about their World Junior OT championship win

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