woody paige 400Congratulations are in order for Woody Paige. Today he won for the 400th time on Around the Horn. Yes, I think this does mean that some extremely unfortunate intern probably was assigned with the unenviable task of tallying the wins of the various talking heads that have populated the show since its debut back in 2002. Woody’s 400th win was celebrated with copious amounts of silly string, his daughter and a pie in the face. Here’s the raucous celebration video Around the Horn put together for the occasion.

If for whatever reason this sparked an interest in Around the Horn’s history for you, I recommend visiting their wikipedia page. There you can find career results, winning percentages and highlights from notable episodes.  All the stats could just be made up for all I know but it’s wild that someone apparently has been keeping track.

Personally, I’ve always kind of enjoyed Woody on Around the Horn. So, congratulations to him for being on Stat Boy’s good side for the 400 time.