The Minnesota Timberwolves have had a bit more to cheer about this year compared to their very recent and very dismal past.  Ricky Rubio has given the franchise a shot in the arm, and the team isn’t in the Western Conference cellar for once.  Surely though, the best thing to come out of Minnesota this year is the video you’ll see below.  It features second year Montenegrin center Nikola Pekovic starring in his version of “Where in the world is Carmen Sandiego?” aptly titled “Where in the world is Nikola Pekovic.”  According to the T’Wolves’ Youtube video description, it’s the introduction to the in-house trivia contest at Target Center. 

Perhaps it’s the sucker within me for a very dry, ironic sense of humor, but I have laughed out loud every time I’ve seen this video.  Who wouldn’t hire Nikola Pekovic to be their classic comedy straight man in a heartbeat?  It’s long past time for the My Giant remake, right?

As if the original Carmen Sandiego music and lyrics aren’t ridiculous enough (“she’s a sticky fingered pilcher from Berlin down to Belize”), Nikola Pekovic does everything in his power to perpetuate the awkward foriegn big man stereotype.  The results are phenomenal.  An ESPY has to be right around the corner.

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