If there’s one thing Youtube does well, it’s relating memes of dubbed commentary to events in sports.  There’s the Gus Johnson and Bill Raftery commentary meme.  There’s the “Hitler reacts to” meme.  There’s the Jim Ross BAH GAWD meme.  Hell, there was even a George C. Scott meme for a while there.  

But none is quite the perfect marriage of sound and pictures as what you’ll see below.  Metta World Peace going all Ron Artest on James Harden was the NBA story of the weekend and led Mike Breen to reminisce about a total Palace style breakdown.  Breen was fantastic in calling out Artest and Lakers fans for their “cheers of ignorance” for Artest’s zany antics.  But even better is superimposing the crazed, bloodthirsty commentary of Celtics legend Johnny Most as if he would be describing the Bad Boy Pistons.  Most was the voice of the Celtics from 1953 to 1990 and was one of the most recognizable announcers in sports due to his colorful, passionate commentary.  When that is applied to Metta World Peace, it’s like a cornucopia of NBA history in a neat 48 second package…


We can only hope the Johnny Most meme takes off soon.

(H/T HoneyDewWilkins via Youtube)

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