Yesterday, this fan who crashed Webb Simpson’s US Open trophy presentation took the internet by storm with his appearance on the 18th green making bird calls.  Webb Simpson took it pretty well and uploaded the above picture to his Twitter page saying he made a new friend.  It was one of the greatest and most random videobombs of all-time for the world to see on NBC.  But who was this daring and perhaps crazy individual who calmly wandered into the spotlight making loud, strange noises?  He goes by the name of Jungle Bird, and his mission is to stop deforestation.  

No, really.

Look, he even has a Facebook page and Youtube channel (describing himself as a 40 year old man from the UK) to prove it and uploaded a video of his appearance at yesterday’s trophy presentation.  Hopefully this means he’s not in jail anymore.  Here he is saying hello to the Queen’s motorcade…


Jungle Bird’s Facebook page describes himself as a “fictional character” and “activist dedicated to raising awareness of deforestation :-).”  Perhaps yesterday’s episode will push him above 100 likes on Facebook.  Oh well, at least he’s still doing better than the Craig James for Senate campaign.

Videobombing the US Open trophy presentation sure is a strange way to raise awareness for deforestation, but it’s at least made me think twice about the dangers today.  God speed in your journey, Jungle Bird.  I can only hope you’re following the NBA Finals closely.

About Matt Yoder

Award winning sportswriter at The Comeback and Awful Announcing. The biggest cat in the whole wide world.

62 thoughts on “We’ve identified the US Open trophy presentation crasher

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