Andrew Perloff is an NFL writer for Sports Illustrated, but you may also know him as “McLovin” on the Dan Patrick Show.  Of the four Danettes on the show, McLovin by far gets the most razzing for his “Against the Grain” antics.  On today’s show for instance, Perloff was dressed in a full basketball uniform as he’ll be a part of the prestigious International Elite team that plays the Harlem Globetrotters in Bridgeport, CT tonight.  The International Elite is basically a new, fancy name for the Washington Generals… or Washington Wizards, I can’t remember which.

As Perloff sits in The Box (think Big Brother’s Diary Room… God, did I just make a Big Brother reference?  Have I no shame?), he tries to spin a red, white, and blue ball on his finger.  The result is actually more impressive than spinning a ball as it bounces off the wall and breaks his $400 glasses.  As a glasses wearing individual, I can tell you the dangers of mixing sports and spectacles is indeed no laughing matter.  On the bright side though, this may be the most impressive basketball related play McLovin makes today.

(Gif via bubbaprog)

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