Two weeks after calling out Jeremy Shockey as the snitch in Bountygate, Warren Sapp’s appearances on the NFL Network have been few and far between, with him not having been on air after the week of his inflammatory comments. Rumors are circulating that Sapp is done with the network. Sources told the Boston Globe that Sapp may indeed be finished at NFL Network.

TMZ reported last week that Sapp was bankrupt. In the filings, it was revealed that Sapp was making $45,000 a month at the network and his contract was expiring in August prior to the beginning of the NFL season. When Shockey heard Sapp’s comments, he vehemently denied them, and began exploring the possibilites of suing Sapp and the network. If Sapp really is done with the NFL Network, we can point to this exact incident as his downfall.

Say what you want to say about Sapp as a studio analyst, but him going on national TV and spouting off about a sensitive issue with no real proof was absolutely irresponsible, and in my mind, something worth taking him off the air and (eventually) worth getting rid of him as a personality on the channel. I’m not even sure if another network would even take a chance on him after an incident like this, either (not to mention the personal trouble he is going through). ESPN has approximately 87 former players as analysts, and adding someone like Sapp, who has a host of baggage from the Shockey accusations, probably wouldn’t be a good fit for them.


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