I know most people love Charles Barkely the on-air personality, but you can't help but find great enjoyment in the turrrrrrrribleness of his golf game. I mean, his swing is honestly one of the worst things I've ever seen. I'm not even a golfer myself, yet I'm confident 99.9% of America could pick up a club and swing it better. Wasn't Hank Haney supposed to fix this?

Barkley's fellow Inside The NBA crew put together this humorous compilation of all the golf clips they could find of the Chuckster. And Charles doesn't even have an answer to them razzing him about it, as he can do nothing except sit there.  Not like I can blame him, as he and the whole world knows how ridiculous his "swing" is, if you could call it that. Watch the clip, much like John Sterling bloopers, it's the perfect way to start your week.

(H/T With Leather)

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