This video from Bangor, Maine's WVII is one of the rarest sights in television – a news anchor quitting on the air.  In this case, a pair of them.  Anchors Cindy Michaels and Tony Consiglio quit the station at the end of their 6 PM telecast Tuesday night.  The Bangor Daily News cites lengthy disagreements between the station's management and the anchors over the direction of the news as the reason for Michaels and Consiglio walking off.

It may go down as the most polite "take this job and shove it" in television history as the pair thank viewers and talk about what they're going to be doing next.  It's a shame as this kind of moment really had the opportunity to create something special along the lines of a Bill O'Reilly meltdown.  I wish it could have had an element of Qumar Zaman's CM Punk inspired departure from the Lake County Fielders last year.  If Jon Gruden ever publicly announces his departure from ESPN, I'd expect it to be as rosy as this.

(Video via Mediaite)

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