Although Urban Meyer left ESPN under a cloud of speculation and false denials, it appears all is still well between the current Ohio State coach and his former employer.  You may recall the circus that happened with Meyer denying what we all knew and even asked to be taken off an assignment with the reports of his leaving Bristol for Columbus at a fever pitch.  This fall, Meyer granted ESPNU unprecedented insight into his OSU program for their "All Access" series that showed the relationship between the two parties was still strong.

Hopefully there will be much less secrecy and suspense with Meyer's return to ESPN in a couple weeks.  He'll appear in the studio for the network's coverage of the BCS National Championship Game along with Texas A&M coach Kevin Sumlin as announced by network spokesman Mike Humes.

I always thought Meyer had plenty of potential as a television analyst, but it was never going to work out for anyone involved as a one year sabbatical from the sidelines.  Had Meyer thrown himself into the role fully, he could have been one of the best in the business.  In this enviornment, I wouldn't expect too much noteworthy from the guest coach analysts (there rarely is for these kinds of things unless Ozzie Guillen is involved), but it'll at least be an interesting reunion of sorts.

At least the undefeated Buckeyes will have some representation at this year's championship game.