Check out this clip from Inside the NBA tonight, where Shaq slips up and says shit before commercial. This just adds to the legend of Shaq as a studio analyst, who is already developing quite a rapport with Charles Barkley on the panel. We had high hopes for Shaq coming into the year when TNT released this teaser ad for him joining Inside the NBA, and it’s been all aces so far.

Now, I know that swearing on TV isn’t much of a huge deal nowadays (and Shaq has never cared), but it’s still one of those things that gets our blood running. I mean, hell, it happened last week during the Winter Classic with Mike Milbury calling the New York Rangers the Blue “Shits.” But on the downside, it wasn’t nearly as good as this rant from the end of the Wagner-Santa Clara game in December.

Keep fighting the good fight, Shaq!

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